11 May 22
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Nebu~Flow, a University of Glasgow Spin-Out, raises £1.7million with Science Creates Ventures to develop their game-changing nebuliser technology


In a joint venture with Foresight Williams Technology, Ascension Life Fund and SIS Ventures, SCV is thrilled to announce Nebu~Flow as the latest addition to the portfolio – a company with patented technology that could transform inhalation therapies and improve quality of life for millions living with respiratory diseases.


From asthma to tuberculosis, nebulisers are a life-saving method of drug delivery for millions across the globe. A device that turns liquid medicines into a fine mist, nebulisers allow patients to breathe treatments into where they’re needed most, the trachea and lungs. Current nebuliser technology is limited, with problems in efficacy, delivery and ease of use. This is where Nebu~Flow is transforming the nebulisation process, to enable the development of the next generation of inhalation therapies.

With £1.7million of investment raised from Science Creates Ventures alongside Foresight Williams Technology, Ascension Life Fund, and SIS Ventures, the University of Glasgow spin-out will be able to progress its product development, commercialisation strategy and expand its team, to deliver their minimum viable product (MVP).

A new and transformative method of aerosolising drugs

The core component of the Nebu~Flow technology is its nebulisation engine – the unit within a nebuliser that aerosolises drugs. Using Surface Acoustics Waves (SAWs) in combination with microstructured arrays, the nebulisation engine allows the droplet size of aerosolised drugs to be controlled, enabling far more of the drug to be absorbed by the airways compared to current nebulisation techniques. This increases the effectiveness of the therapy while reducing the required dose and therefore cost of treatment. For the existing treatments of life-limiting conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cystic fibrosis, it could significantly improve patient outcomes.

As well as making existing, well established drugs and treatments more effective, Nebu~Flow’s patented methods can effectively aerosolise drugs that currently available technologies can’t, such as fragile biological treatments (eg. mRNA), nanomedicines and vaccines. This opens up a host of new drugs to be used in nebuliser treatments, with the possibility for personalised medicine and cutting-edge treatments like gene therapy to be administered via the lungs.

With this latest investment, Nebu~Flow is closer to achieving its mission – to bring this nebuliser technology to market, delivering improved and new treatments for respiratory diseases and disorders.


Backing disruptive deep tech

Science Creates Ventures is thrilled to invest in Nebu~Flow, a company working to disrupt and revolutionise the $1billion+ nebuliser device market and tackle a global healthcare challenge.

Dr Harry Destecroix, Managing Partner at Science Creates Ventures, says: “This is a very novel and truly disruptive development for nebuliser technology. It’s innovations like these, pushing the boundaries of deep tech in medicine that could have a global impact. We’re looking forward to supporting the Nebu~Flow team to grow and using our expertise to help the company go from strength to strength.” 

Dr Elijah Nazarzadeh, CEO and co-founder of Nebu~Flow, adds: “Our technology enables efficient respiratory delivery of drugs that are hard to nebulise, both existing and emerging therapeutics such as biologics, nanomedicines, and vaccines. Many of these drugs are potentially life-saving, with no available method for direct delivery to the lung, which means they have greatly reduced clinical utility. We are pleased to have the support of our investors, whose ambitions for the business are very much aligned with our own.”

Find the latest news, developments and information about Nebu~Flow and its team here.

The Nebu~Flow Team. Left to right are: K.K. Wopat, Julien Reboud, Elijah Nazazadeh, and Christian Witte. (Image courtesty of the University of Glasgow.)

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