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We’ve created a unique learning environment with immersive tours, hands-on workshops and interactive lessons with scientists and engineers. We put you in the heart of our working science incubator, where science entrepreneurs are working to improve healthcare, quality of life and the environment around us.

This is a real-world experience. Our lab tours give a ‘behind the scenes’ look at what our member companies are working on, alongside the chance to run similar experiments yourself in The Learning Lab. See, first-hand, real science in action and understand that it’s done by people just like you.

The Learning Lab is an inclusive space where you’ll get the chance to get hands on with experiments involving concentration, accuracy and fair tests. You will learn the skills needed to be a scientist, including patience, teamwork and determination.

Ask scientists and engineers questions as we propel you into the centre of the global conversations at the heart of science today. Make discoveries, challenge ideas, learn what it’s like to be a scientist and view the world with new eyes.

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